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IST, founded in 1976, started out as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), producing quality masks and snorkels for well-known international brands. From that foundation, IST developed a solid reputation in supplying quality and reliable products in conjunction with our renowned, excellent back-up service. We earned many valuable partners worldwide along the way.  But in our relentless quest to directly provide our customers with the product we are so proud of, and service we are so committed to, the company soon decided to establish its own brand maintaining our own name: enter IST Sports Corp.


Initially, IST produced mainly masks, snorkels and fins. However, our sights were set higher -- on becoming a global entity as a comprehensive scuba gear supplier. Uncompromising energy was devoted to researching and developing new dive gear; our range and product line increased exponentially along with our excellent reputation. After many years of refining neoprene items (wetsuits, boots, gloves and more), leading-edge accessories, knives, bags, torches and finally hard gear, IST has become one of the word’s pre-eminent names in scuba gear and equipment.  Today, IST has the unique ability to kit-out divers of any level, from head-to-toe, for virtually all profiles. And now, we have also added Apnea Freediving, Technical diving, and Commercial diving to create a deep and unparalleled product line.


Through trying economic climates, as well as prosperous ones, IST is confident in the solid strength of our product, service and relationships. Because of this, we will continually gain further market share, brand awareness and generate sales for our worldwide partners:  We can proudly say that wherever there is diving, there is IST!


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